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Are you looking for a reliable asphalt maintenance and repair service in your area? We at Houck Asphalt Maintenance offer the best high quality asphalt services for your residential and commercial needs. Do you need to restore the effectiveness of your residential driveways or commercial parking lots or roadways or just prevent it from getting worse due to aging and weather conditions? You have come to right place. Our company Houck Asphalt Maintenance and its asphalt paving specialists will repair any deteriorating pavements and restore it to new condition.

Our asphalt paving specialists will remove and resurface any cracking on the pavement as well as handle all pavement repair projects upon request. Houck Asphalt Maintenance contractor is a premier contracting business for asphalt paving, patching, removal, replacement, overlays, milling, grinding, bonifiber treatment, pot hole repair works, trip hazard repair and maintenance, parking lot overlays and repairs, roadway overlays and much more.

Our asphalt paving workers are also specialized in repairing and resurfacing residential and commercial pavements and parking lot areas using high quality materials and workmanship and we bring the damaged asphalt to look like it was when new.

Houck asphalt paving will remove the damaged asphalt using relevant tools and techniques and install a new parking lot or driveway that can stand strong in all seasons and weather conditions. Our asphalt paving contractors will make sure that you get the right deal with an estimate that will match your needs and budget before the work starts.

When there is a strict need to repair or replace a pavement, and when there is small or large surface cracks and roughness on it, it is necessary that you handle this situation with the right asphalt paving professionals. Our contractors in our asphalt paving division provide just that, in addition to quality work and peace of mind that you deserve.

By choosing the right asphalt paving company, you will be able to increase the lifespan of your paved surface as well as prevent wear and tear in the future. Our asphalt paving contractors will maintain the pavement as well with the right set of service package.

Houck Asphalt Maintenance's asphalt paving specialists will address necessary repairs for your pavement and install layers of hot asphalt or 'overlay' that will seal the asphalt underneath.

Once this is done, we will use fiber reinforced asphalt or inter-layer to give additional support and strength to the pavement. This may involve site preparation, installation, grading and asphalt paving.

We will make sure that your project is handled within your give time-frame as well, so do not hesitate to call our asphalt paving company. Houck Asphalt Paving professionals will provide quality seal coating as well. Seal coating is intended to block any damage to the asphalt caused by ultraviolet rays.

This in turn will prevent oxidization and the asphalt becoming loose or brittle. Our asphalt paving techniques are designed for commercial low traffic, high traffic, roadways, runways, parking lot as well as highways. With seal coating, your pavement will be getting extra support and strength, the cracks will be filled and asphalt prevented from any damage down the road.

The asphalt paving techniques that we use also come with ways to give your pavement a brand new appearance. Applying seal coating thoroughly will slow the deterioration of your driveways and parking lots protecting it from wear and tear.

The rich uniform color that you see in high quality driveways and roadways is the result of hard work and state-of-art tools and labor from an asphalt paving company like Houck Asphalt Maintenance.

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