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If you are dealing with Asphalt cracks in your parking lots or residential property, Houck Asphalt Maintenance is the place to call! We are a commercial company who specialize in crack sealing and asphalt maintenance. Crack Sealing is the most important step to take to prolong the life of your Asphalt. You can count on us to repair your surface and save you money with our professional crack sealing services.


We at Houck Asphalt Maintenance will seal your Asphalt using our advanced commercial crack sealing equipment. Depending on the extent of damage, there are several types of sealers in our inventory you can choose from, including:


• Acrylic Sealer: Environmental friendly sealers that come in many different colors and are typically used on parking lots. They are very durable, UV resistant, and aren't affected by environmental conditions.


• Polymer Sealer: A long lasting, durable sealer typically used on roads, parking lots, and driveways.


• Coal Tar Sealer: The most popular asphalt sealer on the market. It is water resistant and produces a shiny finish. Coal tar sealer is a mixture of coal, polymers, and other strengthing additives.


• Fast Dry Sealer: A fast acting sealer that can dry in less than an hour. This sealer is typically used on high traffic surfaces, such as parking lots.

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Crack sealing is a big part of our business and the asphalt business as a whole, so no matter how damaged your surface is, we guarantee to get the job done right! Many people do not know the damage that asphalt cracks can cause. Cracks on your property can and will grow larger.


Upon entering the cracks, water expands and causes the temperature to rise, resulting in bigger cracks in the asphalt. When water enters the cracks on the surface, it can cause damage beneath the asphalt and can lead to pavement failure. Crack sealing is a crucial part in preventing water from entering the cracks on the surface.


Crack sealing not only prevents water damage, it makes your property safer for other people and yourself. The cracks in your asphalt can quickly become tripping hazards and potholes. Potholes and large cracks can be dangerous to drive on, which could cause liability problems especially for owners of parking lots.


The longer you wait to get the crack sealing job done, the more you will spend on repairs. It is important to have your cracks sealed as soon as they are spotted to prevent more damage.

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There are many benefits to crack sealing, such as:


• Asphalt crack sealing extends the life of your surface.


• Crack sealing prevents water from entering pavement.


• It saves you money! Crack sealing prevents future damage, which saves you money in the long run.


• Crack sealing helps prevent pavement failure.


• Crack Sealing improves the appearance of your property.


• Crack sealing prevents accidents that can cause damage to vehicles or cause personal injuries.


At Houck Asphalt Maintenance, we use only top-of-the-line crack sealing equipment that will suit your surface's needs. Crack sealing has many benefits and the longer you wait, the more problems you will face in the future. We will use our commercial equipment to seal property cracks and prevent future damage. If you want long lasting, durable, and affordable asphalt maintenance, Houck Asphalt Maintenance is the company you can rely on. Contact us today and love your property again!